Некултурно пространство

by cut:eater
20 August 2010, 23:08
Filed under: cut:s

you are not creative
you are not smart
you are not very good at things
you are not beautiful
you are not as much of a gentleman as you would like to be
you are not green (and we like you better this way)
you are not gifted
you are not something of a great importance
you are not to be afraid of
you are not great
you are not NOTHING different anyway

you are just a gummy bear
you had bad teeth in 5th grade
you did what you should do
you are a bit of an alcoholic
you are better when not talking
you are always the last
you are always the kind
you are
you are battle
you are win
you are great

decide for yourself


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green is so 2009.

Comment by seddensky

какво да правиш?

Comment by cut:eater

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