Некултурно пространство

you were there when by cut:eater
2 April 2010, 01:04
Filed under: cut:s

Little red riding hood
Desperate oceans
Going back and going nowhere
Five in the morning
Five in the morning
And you are still sleeping
Dreaming of the ocean
A wooden boat
A fisherman’s harp
A seagull
Fiercely hovering the sky

You were there when there
Was no one
In your bed
A cashmere coffin
Seven sunsets
Seven times up
It’s five in the morning
And you are still awake
In your bed
Sharing a thought
Sharing some black coffee
With the love of your life
A wooden boat
Go back
Go nowhere

And you say
Hi, Hi, Hi
And you say
You know
Know Know Know
You say
I know know know
andi know know know you
i kno w you
you are so very
you are so
you are so.
You are so.
you are so and i go hi hi hi


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Man, this sucks big time!

Comment by Rocking boat


позволи ми да ти сложа липсващата запетая в изречението, че ти се променя смисълът на казаното. не ми благодари.

Comment by cut:eater

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